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“Celeste is indeed a true Renaissance woman!”
             . . . Carole Easterling, Senior Director, Performing Rights, BMI, Inc.

For Immediate Release
January 8, 2017

A Central Ohio Native and the Healing Power of Music

Columbus, Ohio- Grammy® nominated singer-songwriter Celeste Reichert Friedman will perform for the Songs at the Center television episode, “Music and Healing”, in cooperation with The Academy of Country Music’s® program “Lifting Lives” on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Songs at the Center, a weekly television series, airs on more than 150 stations across the USA on American Public Television, including WOSU TV, Columbus, Ohio.

Known globally, reaching the top of European charts, Celeste’s music always inspires. She continues to dedicate her work to causes she supports, such as animal welfare, cancer survivorship, children and adults with disabilities and military veterans.

Afflicted with a crippling condition of rheumatoid arthritis for two decades, Celeste believes in the power of your inner voice and the healing properties of composing and performing. As a pianist and vocalist she courageously meets life’s challenges head on against all odds. 

To learn more about her career as a songwriter, author and broadcast talent, please visit: Celeste extends her gratitude to Songs at the Center and The Academy of Country Music for their commitment to songwriters, the arts and the healing power of music.

Brought to you by Songs at the Center creator, host and singer-songwriter Eric Gnezda.
Executive Producer Jack FitzGerald.

The “Music and Healing” episode will be taped at The McConnell Center, 777 Evening Street in Worthington, Ohio on Saturday, January 28, 2017 before a live audience. Seating is free and filling fast. Episode air date to be announced. For more details, visit

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