YOU are the Key!

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Grammy™ nominated singer-songwriter, author, speaker, presenter and broadcast talent, Celeste is focused on impact, increasing awareness and striving for change in the global market of health and well being.

Her music and writings are inspiring, pragmatic and thought provoking, reaching countless followers across the world for the past thirty years. Celeste is a known voice in both the music and broadcast industry, nationally and internationally.

“Celeste is indeed a true Renaissance woman!”
                       . . . Carole Easterling, Senior Director, Performing Rights, BMI, Inc.

A passionate and dynamic performer, Celeste engages all audiences at a deeper level, making a difference in the lives of others. A compelling presenter, Celeste illuminates dignity, fearlessness and courage.

An award winning educator, she is the winner of the Ohioana Citation Award in Music and Education and was nominated for the 2015 Ohio Governor’s Award for the Arts.

Celeste’s teachings of going beyond one’s limitations against all odds are drawn from living with a physical disability and crippling disease for the past twenty-plus years. A voice of timeless wisdom, Celeste’s mission is changing lives through the power of words and music.

She emphatically believes that one’s inner voice never fails. In her eBook, YOU are the Key, she shares moments of enlightenment and faith when all hope seems to grow dim.

Celeste has designed her YOU are the Key Self-Discovery Course; Self-Discovery Lecture Series; and Three-Part Webinar, SEE IT . . . BELIEVE IT . . . BE IT!  to guide you toward putting yourself to the ultimate test and stepping up to the plate. In her final assessment, she poses these questions: 

"If your dream awakens, grabs the keys and heads out the door, are you ready to accompany it? If not, will your dream find another dreamer?"

National and International Credits

The ESPN Network; CNN Headline News; A Prairie Home Companion; National Public Radio’s Car Talk; Music Choice; Dimension Magazine; Live! with Regis and Kelly; The Food Network’s French Kitchen; Radio Maria, Austria; Radio 1 Lyon, France; Radio Euro, Italy; and the Starliner’s Radio Network, the Netherlands.

Celeste’s songs have reached Number One on European music charts. She was recognized by the Office of Queen Elizabeth of England for her 2009 single, “The Son of a Soldier”, which honored a British soldier who gave his life to save a fellow comrade in Afghanistan. Her most recent work for veterans, “A Knock on the Door”, is dedicated to the families of U.S. POW’s and those still Missing in Action in Southeast Asia.

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Coming in 2016 and 2017 to Amazon Kindle!

In March of 2016, Celeste released her latest self-help work on the subconscious mind and unlocking its power to achieve your dreams in YOU are the Key. 

A live presentation is available for your conference or event, including her compelling true story of the dream of the three keys.

Visit her Keynotes Blog on this site and at:

Coming in 2017, Celeste’s novella, Nearer My God to Thee, an untold tale of the musicians aboard the RMS Titanic. (Scheduled for release: April 15, 2017)

A Voice of Wisdom

“My conscious mind views twisted fingers and toes and swollen joints; feels the reality of disabling, physical pain; knows the touch of my cane and the keys on my piano; but my subconscious mind knows my heart and soul and the thirst for reaching beyond one’s limitations.”


                                                                      . . . Celeste Reichert Friedman

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