YOU are the Key!

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If your dream grabs the keys and heads out the door, will you be ready to accompany it? If not, will your dream find another dreamer?

Celeste Reichert Friedman

Inspired by a dream of the three keys.

Author Celeste Reichert Friedman explores the mind’s eye and timeless wisdom of the inner voice in an innovative novelette.

YOU are the Key is an insightful guide in development and growth, from setting goals and believing in yourself to well being and mentoring.

YOU are the Key unleashes your power in unlocking the secrets to who YOU are, who YOU want to be and your true purpose in life.  

Celeste’s daring Questions of Self-Discovery illuminate your path to happiness and fulfillment. 

Only YOU can take that first step in turning your passion into a dream come true.

YOU are the Key! 

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3 Keys to Setting Goals & Reaching Them

This tip-sheet is a companion to the 3-Part Series, (see below).

YOU are the Key 6-week Self-Discovery Course                        

Learn how to determine if your dreams are the right fit. 

Discover a new direction for setting goals and developing a timeline for reaching them. 

Expand your mind and increase awareness in your industry.

Presented by Celeste in DVD onDemand and Power Point formats.   

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YOU are the Key Self-Discovery Series                 

A companion to Celeste's book, YOU are the Key. 

21 week lecture series of unveiling who YOU truly are and unlocking your highest potential. Plus, 3 bonus lectures FREE when you get started.

Designed, written and presented by Celeste in an audio podcast mp3 format.

Coming in the Fall of 2017.

3 Keys to Success                                 


Celeste encourages you to connect with your own wisdom, revealing the possibilities of transitioning your passion into your own powerful purpose in life. 

Complete 3-Part  Series, presented by Celeste.

Coming- Fall Semester, 2017!

You are the Key Subscribers receive a Free-tip sheet.

3 Keys to Setting Goals & Reaching Them

Hope you’re energized, eager and ready to soar.

YOU are the Key!

Live YOU are the Key Presentation

                   with Celeste Reichert Friedman

A passionate and dynamic performer, Celeste engages all audiences at a deeper level, making a difference in the lives of others. A compelling presenter, she illuminates dignity, fearlessness and courage.

Celeste’s teachings of going beyond one’s limitations against all odds are drawn from living with a physical disability and crippling disease for the past twenty-plus years. 

Her mission is changing lives through the power of words and music. Celeste features her original inspirational songs in every live program and you're sure to discover timeless wisdom in every lyric line. 

This motivational presentation is 60 minutes packed with insight and enlightenment. Discover how easy it is to embrace YOUR dream, how to SEE IT . . . BELIEVE IT . . . BE IT!

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